UltiDev Web Server Pro

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Welcome to UltiDev Web Server Pro!

UltiDev Web Server Pro (UWS), also known as UltiDev Cassini Pro, is an an advanced, redistributable web server for Windows that can be use as a regular web server to host web sites and ASP.NET applications, or packaged with your ASP.NET web application and installed on your customers' systems along with your web app or site, free of charge. Unlike Cassini or WebDev web servers, UWS is not a toy - UWS is a real deal.

If you have been using UltiDev Cassini, Miscrosoft Cassini, Microsoft WebDev, IIS Express or even IIS, it's time to make your life a whole lot easier and get UltiDev Web Server Pro.


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How to Get it

Download latest version of UltiDev Web Server Pro. It's absolutely free! And also check out its change log and screenshots.

Be the First One to Know

Our product is still fairly young and builds are made frequently. Check back often for the latest and greatest, or follow us on twitter.

What's There

  • Support of ASP.NET 4, 3.x, 2.0 and 1.1.
  • Use InstallShield, Advanced Installer or Visual Studio 2010, 2008 or 2005 to create an installer for your ASP.NET web app that includes UltiDev Web Server as a component. After installation, register your web site or application with UWS using any of the following methods:
    • Manually, using UWS Explorer - our interactive application management console.
    • Or programmatically, with
      • Command line registration utility.
      • .NET application management API.
      • COM application management API.

  • Ability to run applications as 32 bit on 64-bit systems.
  • Besides being permanently hosted by UWS Windows service, web applications can also be temporarily hosted by our Interactive Host for debugging and testing. UWS can even replace Visual Studio internal development web server with UWS Interactive Host.
  • Dramatically improved application uptime due to automatically restarted host processes when applications made them crash.
  • New security model suited for hosting Internet-facing sites and applications allows apps run under restricted Network Service account.
  • Multiple recyclable host processes enabling better security and application independence.
  • Support of virtual directories.
  • TCP port sharing.
  • SSL and full x.509 certificate management.
  • Windows authentication.
  • Response content GZIP compression.
  • Backward-compatible with UltiDev Cassini Web Server. When installed, UWS replaces UltiDev Cassini if it's present and continues serving Cassini applications.
  • No more ugliness of IIS MMC-based UI! UWS Pro has clean and intuitive site management console.
  • Future-proofed, compatible with Windows 8 on x86/x64 CPUs.
  • All this while remaining tiny and free.

After Installation

Once you have installed UWS, you may: