HttpVPN™. Secure HTTP Tunnel From LAN To WEB.
What is HttpVPN™?

 HttpVPN™  is a combination of a software component and a hosted web Portal that lets web application developers and site designers create apps that become accessible on the Internet in a secure, authenticated manner right after installation on any behind-the-firewall computer with a broadband Internet connection, without requiring users to know anything about web hosting.

For the first time ever web developers can create redistributable web applications accessible on the Web immediately after installation  - just add our redistributable HttpVPN Proxy component to your installation package. HttpVPN™ Proxy hides all the complexities of traditional web hosting (firewalls, routers, domains, IP addresses, etc.),  allowing creation of web applications for consumers and small businesses who have no IT skills .

Moreover, HttpVPN™ provides software vendors (ISVs) with the  Application Store  - an online platform where ISVs will be able to market their products and collect revenue while rest assured that their applications will be accessible on the Web only if they were legitimately acquired from the Application Store.

HttpVPN™ can also be used to make  non-redistributable  web-based applications accessible on the Internet to external users without placing the app into DMZ - ideal to demo non-production sites and web software to clients. Fine-grained security settings of HttpVPN are at your disposal, making your apps accessible to users ranging from just yourself, to your selected user groups, or to anyone with a browser.

How does HttpVPN™ Work?

HttpVPN consists of two pieces: Proxy software that runs inside end users' local-area networks, and the Portal - an Internet site where end users will access their behind-the-firewall web applications as if users were inside the LAN. The whole  setup is safe because Proxy does not listen on any port  and therefore is not accessible to outside world. Instead proxy initiates secure, encrypted communication with the Portal and simply ferries HTTP requests from Portal to web applications inside the LAN, then sends HTTP responses back from LAN apps to the Portal. All traffic between client browser and Proxy is SSL-encrypted and only authenticated users will be allowed to access LAN applications, unless app operator explicitly allows everyone to use the app. Performance features, like traffic compression and response caching will ensure user experience similar to regular hosted web applications.

How much does HttpVPN™ cost?

For web application developers who want to bundle their web applications with our technology,  HttpVPN tools and components are FREE , and only when ISVs sell their products at the Software Store, a modest percentage of the transaction will be retained by UltiDev.

Home users and other consumers owning HttpVPN™ Proxy will be able to run one instance of the HttpVPN™ Proxy for free, and only pay a small monthly fee (around $5, subject to change) for each additional proxy they own.  Consumers running just one Proxy pay nothing .

Non-consumer HttpVPN™ Proxy operators, like  businesses , non-profits, sole proprietors, governments and academia establishments, will have a generous trial period and will be charged small monthly fee (around $20, subject to change) for every HttpVPN™ Proxy they run after a trial period is over. Since each Proxy can work with many different applications running on multiple machines inside the LAN, a single Proxy can go a very long way.

When will HttpVPN™ become available?

It already is! Public HttpVPN™ Beta testing is underway.

If you are interested in making truly redistributable web applications, please check out HttpVPN Developer's Guide.

If you would like to make an existing local or intranet web site/application accessible on the Internet in a secure, authenticated manner, please take a look at the Operator's Walk-Through. It's also useful for evaluating whether HttpVPN will fit your needs.

Please keep in mind that HttpVPN is still a Beta and is a bit unpolished. If you don't like something or simply have a question, please let us know - we are striving to respond to all inquiries as quickly as we can.

Download HttpVPN™ Proxy to make your web apps truly redistributable.